About Chili 👋🏼

Hey all - welcome to the beginning of the Chili Token Community. We wanted to provide a quick explainer on what $CHILI is, what you can do with it, and most importantly how to claim it.

What is Chili?

$Chili is an experimental new community token aimed at aligning current and future cartel communities to kickstart collaboration. In plain English, it’s a new community that seeks to reward collaboration. Over the past years, we’ve seen how effective cross-community collaboration was within the MetaCartel Ecosystem. Since then we’ve been looking for ways to expand that community so we can bring more builders, creators, summoners, and community leaders together to collaborate.

It’s the meta of the meta of the meta if you will.

What to do with $CHILI ?

Great question! We’ve built $CHILI to be an open platform and community driven effort that allows the coolest ideas to emerge and be built. Once you receive your $CHILI, the first step is to stake the $CHILI to earn rChili (aka Roasted Chili). Roasted Chili is what gives you access to buy exclusive NFTs, receive access to new Discord Channels/Communities, and receive perks from MetaCartel Ecosystem Projects. What we’re most excited for are the ideas we haven’t thought of yet. Before even launching, we’ve had community members come forward with new ideas, usages, and partnerships we can make using the $CHILI token.

Claim and Stake it ?

We’re pretty excited about our claiming process using the Collab.Land Bot. All claiming will be done directly from the MetaCartel Discord Server in the “👉start-here” channel. Once you join the channel: Use the !claim command. The Collab.Land bot will then DM you a link to use to both connect your address to your collab account as well allow you to claim your respective chili. No gas is required to receive your chili! After you claim your chili the bot will send you a link that will allow you to stake your chili. Note: To stake, you will need some Matic tokens to pay gas fees. Once you stake, sit back and enjoy a spicy margarita as you earn your rChili.


It’s time to get cooking! Now everything CHILI is hosted together on a fresh new site. We moved the existing “Roasted CHILI” farm here, and added a new Liquditiy Provider Farm! Eventually we’ll have NFTs here, and much more. Have fun, and please be careful not to start any fires… at least ones you can’t put out: https://chilikitchen.com are here for rCHILI-MATIC on Sushi! We’ll be adding 1,736 rCHILI rewards per month for 3 months. Head over to the Chili Kitchen to get started. Also, you can read the forum discussion if you’re curious about reward calculations. Chili Roasting was a great success, with 190k CHILI staked and 525% APR rCHILI. The current monthly reward cycle ends Sunday, July 25, but the farm aint closing yet! 1,736 rCHILI rewards will be added on Monday, July 26. This will be the last cycle (for now), so make sure you get in while you can! CHILI Window Closing ! The claim window for $CHILI tokens has been open for 1 month. The remaining tokens will be transferred back.

And that’s it! We’re pumped to see what comes from this new social community token experiment, and even more excited to see what you build.

Welcome to the Chili Community.